Real Estate August 12, 2021

Providence Smoke Inspections

Smoke Inspections – A Requirement for All Rhode Island and Massachusetts Sellers

There are so many things to think about when you’re selling your property. From pre-inspections to staging to finally filling in those little holes on the wall. It can be overwhelming for sure. But one thing you might not be thinking about is your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

It is a requirement in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for sellers to pass a smoke inspection by their town’s Fire Department. When you pass the inspection, you receive a smoke certificate that is good for 120 days. Because of the timeline for the certificate, Realtors often recommend getting the smoke inspection scheduled once you are under contract to avoid any chance of expiration. Your Realtor should schedule and attend the inspection, but it is up to the seller to prepare.

The main elements to consider are the age of your home, the age of the detectors and where the detectors are placed. Each state has their own requirements. You can read more about them at the links below:

Rhode Island


And don’t forget that one and two-family properties have different requirements from three-family properties, which are even different from four, five, six-family and even commercial properties. While your Realtor can help you interpret the guidelines for your specific property and even recommend companies that can help you install the appropriate detectors, it is important that you as a seller understand as well and do your homework.