Rhode Island, We Love You. February 1, 2023

Wood River, Arcadia Management Area

If I have a few free hours, my favorite solo escape is to the Wood River, Rhode Island’s premier fly-fishing river. Nothing takes my mind away from the world like standing in a small river waist deep in my waders swinging a two weight. The Wood is in the middle of the 14,000 acre Arcadia Management Area in Exeter. It’s copper-colored waters hold rainbow, brook and brown trout. Various hatches occur throughout the year.

The river is very accessible by car, but you can get lost by following trails that skirt the river’s edge. Because isn’t that the goal?  To get lost for a little while? But I suggest submersing yourself in the Wood, submersing yourself in nature, moving through the sheltered waters under the magnificent canopy of pines. In the summer months, the water is warm enough to not require waders. And fishing is not a prerequisite either. Oftentimes I find myself just holding my rod under my arm.

-Nelson Taylor

Managing Partner | The Blackstone Team