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Rhode Island’s Tasty Duets: Pizza Strips and Coffee Milk

Rhode Island’s Tasty Duets: Pizza Strips and Coffee Milk

It is the beginning of a new school year and I can’t help but think of my two Lil’ Rhody childhood favorites. However if you’re not from Rhode Island you probably won’t even know what they are. When it comes to delightful culinary quirks, Rhode Island boasts a pair that’s as unique as the state itself. Let me share with you the delicious duo of pizza strips and coffee milk, the two true ambassadors of Ocean State flavor.

Pizza Strips: A Slice of Rhody History

Picture this; cheese-less ‘cold’ rectangular slices of pizza, as distinctive as the state’s coastal charm and only found in Rhode Island. These are pizza strips, from knowledge they were born in the cozy Italian-American kitchens of Rhode Island in the early 20th century. They’re not your typical pizza slices; they’re  doughy, slathered with a flavorful tomato sauce, served room temp or even cold and usually only found at your local bakery. While the rest of the world argues over thin crust versus deep dish, Rhode Islanders grin and savor their pizza strips, often served at parties and gatherings. Everyone has their favorite place to grab a box but personally I only go to my local Elmhurst Lasalle Bakery of Providence to get my strips.

Coffee Milk: The State’s Sweet Sip

Now, let’s wash down those pizza strips with a gulp of Rhode Island’s official state drink since 1993—coffee milk. While some children grow up with the classic chocolate milk or maybe even strawberry at school lunches, I along with only other kids in Rhode Island had the privilege to be provided with coffee milk in my young years of life. Coffee milk is a unique flavor of milk almost exclusively offered in Rhode Island. Beyond most popular belief it has the same sugar and minimal caffeine content and its big brother chocolate milk. Credit however, has to go to the Autocrat Coffee Company for popularizing coffee syrup, the secret sauce behind coffee milk. It’s a sip of nostalgia, a taste of comfort, and an essential part of a true Rhode Islander’s early years.

Pizza Strips and Coffee Milk: Culinary Partners in Crime

What’s better than a delicious delicacy? Pairing two Rhode Island originals together, of course! Pizza strips and coffee milk are like the Batman and Robin of the state’s culinary scene. They compliment each other perfectly, offering a savory-sweet harmony that’s downright addictive. Pizza strips bring the savory, while coffee milk offers the sweet, soothing contrast. It’s a duo you can enjoy at local pizzerias, family gatherings, and even as your midnight snack. And thanks to their introduction into school cafeterias, generations of Rhode Island kids are growing up with these iconic flavors as part of their school lunch experience.

The Ocean State’s Flavorful Traditions

In Rhode Island, food isn’t just sustenance; it’s a tradition, a celebration, and a point of pride. Pizza strips and coffee milk are prime examples of this delightful culture. So, if you ever find yourself in the Ocean State, don’t just try the pizza strips and coffee milk—savor them. These quintessential culinary creations are more than just food; they’re a taste of Rhody’s heart and soul. And now, they’ve become a delicious part of the school day for Rhode Island students, ensuring that these flavorful traditions continue for years to come. Cheers to delicious duets and the flavors that make this tiny state so big on taste

-Julien Jonfelix
Sales Associate | The Blackstone Team