Community Greater Providence: 5 things to do now, that *aren’t Netflix 1. Go on an urban hike. One of my favorites is Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy. You don’t need to know how to pronounce it to find it. Just ten minutes from downtown at 721 Plainfield St., the park is (generally) active with skaters and pickup basketball games. Beyond the park itself, just west of the soccer field is […]
Community Bringing Back The Sunday Drive How often do we use our cars purely for the pleasure of driving these days? Our cars have become the tool we need to run errands, get to work, carpool children… Rarely are we getting in our cars for the sheer pleasure of taking a drive. Back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, Americans started the […]
Community 4 Ways to Experience Providence Art NOW If you broke down the reasons why us Providence folk love living in our city, you’d find that (along with Food, History, Architecture, and Academia), our great love of Art is a fundamental tenet of our experience.   As the days become shorter, and I have more time on my hands as the real estate […]
Community Why We Chose The Name Blackstone Why did we choose the name [THE BLACKSTONE TEAM]?  Blackstone is a name integral to the marketplaces of the Providence Metroplex and Northern Rhode Island in which we specialize.  It is so wholly a part of our local heritage, we chose to honor that history and carry it forward in our mission for the future. Blackstone […]
Community Where Are The Providence Dog Parks? Anyone who knows me, knows that I love dogs – I will probably remember a dogs name way before I learn their human companions name. Even though I’m in the business of remembering things, I’m not ashamed of this. Let’s get to the point, you’re moving to Providence (or recently moved – congratulations!) and you […]
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