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Coding Providence Smoke Inspections Smoke Inspections – A Requirement for All Rhode Island and Massachusetts Sellers There are so many things to think about when you’re selling your property. From pre-inspections to staging to finally filling in those little holes on the wall. It can be overwhelming for sure. But one thing you might not be thinking about is […]
Real Estate Know Who Your Agent Represents [ THE BLACKSTONE TEAM ] STATEMENT ON THE PRACTICE OF DUAL FACILITATION / DOUBLE-ENDING  Do You Know Who Your Agent Represents?   [THE BLACKSTONE TEAM] Does Not practice Dual Facilitation.  Also referred to as Double-Ending, Dual Facilitation is the practice of one agent managing the relationship with both sellers and buyers in a single real estate transaction.  Most buyers and sellers […]
Real Estate How Does Seller Financing Work? There are many ways to complete a real estate transaction. Each consumer comes from different financial situations & backgrounds, so it’s very unlikely that two will ever be the same. The most common ways used to purchase homes are financing through a mortgage lender, financing through a private lender, or cash. A rarely-used method of […]
Community Why We Chose The Name Blackstone Why did we choose the name [THE BLACKSTONE TEAM]?  Blackstone is a name integral to the marketplaces of the Providence Metroplex and Northern Rhode Island in which we specialize.  It is so wholly a part of our local heritage, we chose to honor that history and carry it forward in our mission for the future. Blackstone […]
Real Estate Buyers Priced Out of Top Markets Choose Multi-Families Nelson Taylor, Managing Partner of [THE BLACKSTONE TEAM] was recently interviewed as a Providence multi-family expert by The Washington Post.  The article focuses on first-time homebuyers, priced out of some neighborhoods, who are gravitating to two and three unit multi-family homes.  This allows them access to more house, lower living costs with rents off-setting their mortgage and […]
Real Estate Our Public Pledge Real estate professionals, like in few other industries, regularly promote their successes publicly, their sales volume, how much money they make, where they rank in their community and how often they represent both the buyer and a seller in a single transaction. Our experience is that these numbers and these claims not only change monthly, […]
Real Estate How We Work [THE BLACKSTONE TEAM], formerly Taylor & Associates, at Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty is an industry respected team of six real estate professionals based in downtown Providence.  With over 60 years of collective real estate experience, each member of The Blackstone Team brings different skillsets to the table with the single goal of providing […]
Real Estate The Importance of Local When buying or selling real estate, it’s vital to use local property professionals.  Whether it’s a lender for your mortgage, an inspector for your due diligence, an attorney for your title/closing, an insurance agent to protect you against loss or a real estate agent to manage the process and negotiate on your behalf—let [THE BLACKSTONE TEAM] reccomend knowledgeable […]
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