Elijah Riley

Elijah Riley

Elijah Riley
Sales Associate
401.239.7652 (Direct)
401.314.3000 (Office)

Growing up, Elijah spent half of his life in Providence County and the other in Newport County. He considers himself a statewide agent--from the Capital to the Ocean. His journey into real estate started by working in restaurants. After spending years in the industry, many people kept telling him he had such a comfortable and honest way about him and that he was perfectly suited for a career in real estate.

Real estate quickly became the why in Elijah’s life. He believes that real estate is the great equalizer—that you don’t have to be rich to own or invest in real estate.  There are programs and possibilities for everyone.  He also believes that owning real estate is the key to personal stability, community cohesiveness and generational wealth.  With each and every transaction, Elijah feels he’s helping to make the world a more positive place.

Elijah graduated from Middletown High School and the University of Rhode Island, where he studied Business Management.  He currently lives in Pawtucket, where he owns and lives in a three-family property.  He believes multi-families are the best properties for first-time homebuyers to pursue.  Educating clients like this is his greatest joy.

When he’s not helping buyers and sellers throughout the state, Elijah enjoys traveling and exploring new cuisines.  Ask him about his recent trip to the Trelawney area of Jamaica.   Elijah is also very focused on his health and can be found in the gym almost every day of the week.  He has a dog named Rue who is a Catahoula Pitbull Mix!