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Landlord Leasing Services


Whether you are a tenant looking for a property to rent, a landlord looking for quality tenants or a licensed agent working in the world of rentals—the business of rentals in and around Greater Providence is often unprofessional, disorganized and transient. And in the end no one—landlord or tenant—is satisfied with the results. BLACKSTONE [LUX], at Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty, is the leasing arm of one of Rhode Island’s most established and successful real estate teams.

Problems Landlords Face

• Most agents consider rentals a stepping stone to sales so don’t develop consistent rental systems (organization, marketing and customer service) which leaves many landlords hesitant about hiring agents and often frustrated by the results if they do;

• Because a $900 co-broked apartment earns most rental agents around $225, they: 1) don’t spend much time representing the property or communicating with its owner, and 2) don’t market the listing widely because they want to double-end the commission;

• Because of this, rental listings are considered more burn-and-churn rather than the thoughtful, relationship-building representation common in residential sales;

• Because there’s no dedicated outlet for landlords looking to attract quality tenants at the higher end of the market, a lot of time is wasted showing properties to unqualified prospects,

Our Process

· Build relationship with landlord, get to know property, assess unit values, make recommendations for improvements to maximize value;

· Contract listing with landlord, professionally photograph unit, provide floors plans, add signage to property, launch listing in MLS and various other rental platforms;

· Field queries, vet tenants, show units, follow-up with prospects, manage applications, qualify tenants based on landlord’s preferences;

· Facilitate signing of lease (including all required disclosures); collection of funds and transfer of keys on move-in date.

The Fee

• Landlord Clients will be charged 100% of one month’s rent for a 1-year lease (or otherwise prorated), 150% for a 2-year lease, and 175% for a 3-year lease. Lease extension paperwork--$150. Manage lease extension w/ negotiation--$350.


BLACKSTONE [LUX] is here to up the luxury rental game in Greater Providence. We are team of experienced, licensed and insured real estate professionals who specialize in the luxury to mid-luxury markets. We know local real estate and understand the process of securing top tenants through existing marketing channels, long-time relationships and savvy vetting skills. Contracting a BLACKSTONE [LUX] agent means having an expert in your corner; we’re your partner every step of the way.

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