At The Blackstone Team of Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty, our goal is to be a collaborative team of “open source” real estate professionals who always put our clients’ interests first.  We are dedicated to the concepts of passion, professionalism and perseverance.  Our Philosophy is not simply intended to positively affect our clients’ lives, but also to positively affect the local marketplaces and the fellow realtor communities in which we work.

We succeed through synergy—with an inherent understanding that each member of The Blackstone Team accomplishes more both professionally and personally working together rather than being solo practitioners like most realtors.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and each member plays a crucial role.  A greater sense of fulfillment comes from each person contributing their unique personality, experience, knowledge and skills, while at the same time counting on the other members of the team as one would family.

The Blackstone Team takes its job as real estate professionals, property insiders, community advocates, matchmakers and local historians extremely seriously and does everything in its power to create the highest caliber real estate experience in the marketplace.  Our clients see all sides of every decision throughout the process—full transparency—so they can make decisions that best suit their goals, not ours.  Agents with whom we do business receive the respect of timely appointments, post-showing feedback and fair negotiating tactics.  Our colleagues within the business, whether our competitors or not, deserve our camaraderie, help and support.

While we take our jobs seriously and work diligently, we believe that a healthy home life is vital to operating a healthy business. The Blackstone Team always aims to work smarter, not necessarily harder, to reach our clients’ desired results.  We strive to find balance between work and life. And because we are thankful to be able to earn our living in the amazing state of Rhode Island, we give back to the communities in which we service.

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